Sunday, July 24, 2005


We Bitches feel like the current system of airport molestation attempts security checks is highly discriminatory and oppressive. Have you ever noticed that women seemed to be singled out quite often at security checkpoints? This is only because of our breasts. That’s right, The Man™ is forcing us to undergo more thorough checks than males. Why? One word: Bras.

Bras have metal clasps that almost always set off metal detectors. Being pulled aside to have your back felt up by some strange guy with a very phallic object in his hand isn’t always so much fun. Those of us ladies requiring a bit of extra support with underwire bras are doubly screwed.

There’s no way we can get through without being pulled to the side. When we get checked, not only is our back felt up, but they bring a woman over to feel her way around our breasts to confirm that it really is just a tiny little wire.

What can we do? Should all of the ladies be forced to suffer though this? Well, as long as people like this are in charge of our future, we don’t have much of a choice.


The Bitch Girls would like to present our own option for self defense against the roaming hands of airport security. What is this miracle product? The Bitch Bra™. Made from 100% pure duct tape, the Bitch Bra™ will provide you with all of the defense you need against airport security.

Style A Style B

As you can see, we offer two styles. Style A is the choice of many of our smaller breasted women. (Ignore the fact that Spooky was being squeezed in order to make it fit.) Style B is the preferred choice for our larger breasted customers. Our own patented duct tape underwires will make sure that you have the support you deserve. (Style B is currently only available in a D cup.)

Stock up today ladies! Make that next trip through airport security a breeze! Coming soon: Colors! Watch for our new shade of red to be available during next the exam period.


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