Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weird goes the extra mile

Whether waiting for hours at the airport, seated next to a turkey on a flight or crawling in a line of cars just to stuff quarters in a turnpike toll machine, you may think your Thanksgiving

Weekend travels are something to squawk about. Maybe so. But give thanks that your travails probably don't match up to the weirder travel experiences of the past year. USA TODAY's Kitty Bean Yancey spotlights 2004's travel oddities.The cat's out of the bag

A flight between Brussels and Vienna was scratched in midair Aug. 9 because of an angry cat.

The feline, traveling on the SN Brussels Airlines flight, apparently was released from its cage by a child and slinked into the cockpit when crew meals were served. After the cat resisted being shooed out and scratched a co-pilot on the arm, the pilot turned the plane back to Brussels and made an emergency landing.
The kitty was grounded.


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