Saturday, July 23, 2005

Full monty screening

Most folks slip off their jackets and shoes at airport security checkpoints. A passenger at the Minneapolis airport took the dressing-down a step further.

Police said a screener was waving a metal-detecting wand over the man's pants in July when he dropped trou to reveal he wasn't wearing underwear."There, how do you like your job?" he said, according to a police report. He later pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and paid a $163 fine.
"We needed to take some action on that," airport police Lt. Matt Christenson told the Associated Press. "Otherwise, everybody would be dropping their pants."

Punching out
Seeing a passenger apparently deep in slumber as a train rolled toward York, England, a conductor discreetly stamped and returned the man's ticket. When the train arrived at the station, the rider couldn't be budged, and paramedics were summoned.

"It turned out that the passenger had expired long before his ticket ever did," said a report in the British Transport Police's magazine.


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