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One can only wonder what is required in the area of CHARACTER when you apply for a security sensitive position with the Transportation Security Administration under the watchful eye of The Department Of Homeland Security?

Thats what I wonder when I came across this San Jose Mercury News article and discovered the very SAME HARRY MUNRO who was disgracefully removed from San Jose Police Department was hired as a SUPERVISOR for TSA in the San Jose Mineta International Airport then PROMOTED TO SCREENING MANAGER...

If you have BAD CREDIT TSA doesnt want you, but if you appear to be a person who the police don't want working for them, well COME ON DOWN...

Doen't believe me, just read below and judge for yourself...

San Jose Mercury News San Jose Mercury News (CA) January 19, 1995

S.J. COP'S FIRING UPHELD AFTER TEEN COMPLAINS PONYTAIL WAS CUT OFF Author: BETTY BARNACLE, Mercury News Staff Writer Edition: Santa Cruz/MontereySection: LocalPage: 8B

Article Text: An arbitrator has upheld the firing of a San Jose police officer after a 1992 incident in which he and two other officers were accused of roughing up a teen-ager and then cutting off his ponytail. The ruling against former Officer Harry J. Munro was made public this week by San Jose police officials.

The ponytail incident led to an internal police investigation that turned up several allegations of misconduct against Munro. Although authorities ultimately dismissed criminal charges against the former officer, arbitrator Norman Brand concluded that Munro committed misconduct and violated department regulations in five instances.

Accusations listed According to police Lt. Dennis Luca, the arbitrator said Munro:

Committed assault under color of authority while on duty -- the ponytail incident.

Possessed 15 California driver's licenses and identification cards that were not properly booked as evidence.

Had less than an ounce of marijuana in his personal equipment bag without properly booking the marijuana as evidence.

Had less than an ounce of marijuana in his police locker, also not booked properly.

Had explosive fireworks devices and a stun gun in his equipment bag, also not booked or recorded in a crime report.

Munro had been an officer for 27 months when the ponytail incident occurred Aug. 18, 1992. He initially was fired June 2, 1993, but he filed an appeal. The incident began when Munro -- along with officers Nicholas Martinez Jr. and Isaac Cabrera -- arrested Joe Michael Gomez, then 19, on suspicion of stealing a coffee maker and a fire extinguisher from a downtown restaurant.

The officers also booked Gomez on suspicion of public intoxication and battery on a police officer.

Eventually, however, the district attorney's office charged Gomez with petty theft. Gomez claimed the officers drove him in! a police car to the rear of a fast- food restaurant, where they took off his leg restraints and beat him. Gomez also said the officers kicked him and cut off his thin, braided ponytail. The district attorney's office filed misdemeanor assault charges against all three officers, but those charges were dismissed last January.

Prosecutors said they had insufficient evidence: Some witnesses had disappeared, and others couldn't agree on the facts, including whether Gomez had a ponytail at the time. Exonerated by ruling After the charges were dismissed,

Munro and his attorney obtained a court ruling last summer that formally exonerated him of involvement in the ponytail case, according to Deputy District Attorney Frank Carrubba and Munro's lawyer, Larry Peterson.

Munro is "extremely disappointed" with the arbitrator's finding, Peterson said this week. He said his firm has not decided whether to take further action. Officer Martinez also was fired, and he appealed. But a judge ruled Martinez could be fired without specific cause because he had been an officer just 17 months and was considered a probationary employee.

Cabrera was dismissed in connection with a 1992 incident in which he was accused of lying to protect a sergeant who eventually was fired after allegedly fondling a suspect during a search. Copyright (c) 1995 San Jose Mercury News Record Number: 9501040909


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the kid was a gang member who alleges a cop gave him a good haircut. The cop should get a commendation!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 cops get fired because a gang member claims they cut his ponytail off?? unfucking believable

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3 cops got fired after a gang member claims they cut his tail...there was no evidence of course because the punk was lying his ass off but hey at least he got paid and the SJPD chief and his IA goons got to look like they were doing their good deed for the day...Long live the gangs, may they continue to flourish. Obviously everyone involved was a fucking idiot.

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