Friday, March 03, 2006

Abdul again has airplane issues

Paula Abdul, a judge on "American Idol," won't get high marks from her fellow airline passengers, and she might be hearing from Homeland Security officials.

According to an Abdul spokesman, the former pop singer and dancer was running late Thursday, trying to make her Southwest flight at McCarran International Airport, when a group of fans mobbed her.

A Southwest representative at the scene whisked her through a back access, bypassing security, and onto the Los Angeles-bound plane.

However, upon arrival in Burbank, it was announced that security had been breached, and no one could leave the plane until the re-screening process was completed.

Abdul, whose six No. 1 hits included "Rush, Rush," was trying to make the flight so she wouldn't miss Thursday's live "Idol" show.

A Southwest representative who was asked to respond did not return a call by deadline.

In January, two employees at the Silverton accused Abdul of having them fired from their graveyard-shift jobs because she says they caused her to miss a flight.


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