Sunday, July 24, 2005

TSA, 1… Zippo lighter camera, 0

Airport security would not allow this guy pass a security checkpoint with his camera. Am I alone in thinking that it is completely idiotic to not allow a camera on an airplane because it looks like a lighter?

It gets better. When he walked up to security with the camera, he showed it to the TSA guard and told him what it was. He was instructed that he could take the camera but not the case. What??? Because the case could do what exactly? I can imagine this conversation going down something like this:

Man: Hi, this is a camera, see?
TSA: Sorry you can’t take that on the plane.
Man: What? But why not, it’s just a camera.
TSA: It looks like a lighter.
Man: But it’s not, see..the camera comes out of the case and everything.
TSA: Alright, then you can take the camera…but not the case.
Man: I can’t take an empty metal case?
TSA: Nope, looks too much like a lighter.
Man: But it’s not….and it can’t start fires, because it’s hollow.
TSA: But it looks like it could.
Man: Your not too bright are you?
TSA: Sir, calm down, and put the lighter down before you hurt someone.
TSA: Security, I need backup, we have a hostile man at the security checkpoint and he’s waving around what looks like a lighter.


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