Saturday, October 22, 2005

Embracing the creativity and innovation encouraged by its corporate culture, EVA Air has teamed up with Sanrio Company, Ltd. to unveil the world’s first “Hello Kitty Jet.” Revealed today in a heartwarming celebration at the Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation hangar that was co-hosted by EVA Air President K.W. Chang and Sanrio top management, the cheerful special-edition EVA Airbus 330-200 is painted nose-to-tail with super-sized characters from the charming world of Hello Kitty.

On the right side of the aircraft, identified with “Hello Kitty EVA Air,” Kitty and her friends greet passengers with welcoming smiles. Daniel Star, his aviator glasses perched on his forehead, stands nearest the cockpit with Kitty by his side. Tim and Tammy, the mischievous monkeys, sit over the wing. Joy, the blue mouse, is poised on the engine. And Mimmy White, Kitty’s sister, joins parents Mary and George White, near the back of the aircraft. On the left of the aircraft under “EVA Air Hello Kitty,” Kitty stands nearest the cockpit beside her friend Kathy, the white rabbit. Rory, the yellow squirrel, frolics on the engine.

Tim and Tammy and Kitty’s family are featured in the same positions as on the other side of the aircraft.EVA repeated the livery theme inside the cabin by creating a Hello Kitty fantasy with sweet Hello Kitty paintings on the walls, and by outfitting flight attendants with Hello Kitty ribbons for their hair and Hello Kitty aprons.

Passengers booked on EVA’s Hello Kitty Jet will get pink Hello Kitty boarding passes and luggage tags. Onboard, they will enjoy a series of inflight Hello Kitty service accessories, Hello Kitty meals, and have access to exclusive EVA Air Hello Kitty duty-free shopping. A special EVA Air Hello Kitty Web site has also been created in Chinese and Japanese languages at

The aircraft hangar where the festive event was staged was decorated to represent the wonderful world of Hello Kitty make believe, and Hello Kitty family and friends entertained guests with special appearances and dances.EVA Air’s special Hello Kitty Jet will fly to Fukuoka every day, starting on Oct. 22.

To meet anticipated demand and serve passengers’ requirements, EVA is working with travel agents to design special Hello Kitty tour packages featuring visits to Harmony Land, the make-believe world where Hello Kitty and her friends live, and where fans are bound to want to go.Trips to Fukuoka will include appealing local attractions such as the famous hot springs, too. Additional information, reservations and bookings are available on the EVA Air Web site,

This just in, DISNEY HAS CREATED THEIR OWN AIRLINE , the imagine ,featuring those two GAY squirrels Chip and Dale will allow you to fly from several American cities to San Francisco's GAY FREEDOM DAY FESTIVAL at a price of $69.69


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