Saturday, July 23, 2005

A very prominent retired baseball player, one of the best known of our time, was traveling with a companion, a beautiful, tall, leggy blond, that could make you sweat, with just a look. Well the two of them arrived at O'Hare without tickets in hand, they were pre-paid. Noticing the lines were far to long for him to get through in time to catch his flight he stopped a passing supervisor and told him he needed assistance right now! The supervisor realizing who he was dealing with fell all over the ex-player, apologized for us being busy, and told him we would comply with his wishes immediately.

This supervisor had no idea how to issue a ticket or do anything else useful in his area, so he grabbed me (a Lead). I was in the middle of fixing a problem for another passenger when I was physically pulled away. I signed into a set and issued the tickets in a few moments. While listening to the ex-player berate me for being slow and, I "was going to make him miss his flight".

Approx 40 seconds after signing in The tickets were on top of the counter with the auditors coupon next to them.

The player scooped up the tickets and with his companion on his arm he hustled towards security.

I quickly signed out of the set locked the drawer and took off after the ex-major leaguer. Catching him as he was going through the mag I called his attention to me. He turned and saw a paper and pen in my hand, he responded "Look I really am in a hurry, but I guess I can give you an autograph." "I really do appreciate that," I said. "But could you please just sign for your tickets! at O'Hare...


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